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1. General总则

1-1   Purposes 目的

1-1.1In order that employees have something to follow in the factory during working and living to keep our company’s production and living order and make sure our company’s smooth operation, we hereby worked out this employee handbook.


1-1.2‘Without dividers, no circle’. Any healthily developing company couldn’t live without sound and scientific regulations and good staffs. This employee handbook specifies the working disciplines that employees should obey, basic limit of working conditions.

“没有规矩,不成方圆” 。任何一家健康发展的企业,都离不开健全、科学的管理制度和优秀的员工。本手册规定了员工应遵守的工作纪律、劳动条件的基准及员工在本厂从事生产、生活之基本准则和劳动纪律。

1-2   Application Scope适用范围

This employee handbook is applied to all employees, including those under probation period.


  1-3 The company empowers the right on explaining and modifying this employee handbook and other regulations. Any update is subject to the newest publication in Bulletin Board Systems.


2.         Company Introduction 公司简介


Nanning PaperJoy Industry Co., Ltd is a  subsidiary company of NANDA(Zhejiang) Group,professionally producing film paper products,certified with QS(Quality Safety),  with complete and scientific quality management system.

Nanning PaperJoy locates in No. 1, Jianyuan Road, Yudong Industrial Park, Liangqing District, Nanning, Guangxi Province China, equiped with 2 single PE film machine, 2 clicing machines,3 cutting machines, 2 printing machines, 2 forklift and 1 waste packaging machine and ect,.Products ranges of PE coated Food packaging paper, single PE film laminating paper, double PE film paper, paper cups printing.

Nanning Paperjoy strives to develop green economy, attaches great importance onto the common sustainable development between the enterprise and the society. Sugar cane pulp is mainly used as raw material instead of wood pulp paper, features "low carbon eco-friendly environment, safety and health" .Up till now, we have kept long-term cooperation with many famous company brands, especially with UNILEVER,KRAFT,NESTLE,PEPSI,HUANGLONG,JINMAILANG,MENGNIU,YILI,XIZHILANG and so on.


3.         Personnel Management Regulations人事管理制度

3-1   Basic requirement for employees 雇用基本条件

3-1.1        The employees must  be over18 years old, hold Health Certificate, valid ID card, education certificate and Birth Controlling Certificate for Floating People provided by local government


3-1.2        If employees are found infected with serious infectious disease or not suitable for work, the company has the right to change their work post or request them to leave the company.


3-1.3        Inveracious certificates or misrepresentation for being employed is cause for dismissal


3-1.4         Applicant should faithfully declare his/her relatives and friends in Starry when filling Application Form. If the applicant is recommended, his/her relationship with the employee who recommend should be faithfully declared too.

求职人在填写入职申请时必须如实申报厂内相熟的亲戚或朋友, 如有推荐人还需如实申报与推荐人的关系

3-1.5        The employee who has been re-hired must  report to the HR Department before he start working again.  



3-2   Regulations for employees who are recommended and who recommend被 荐及推荐人守则

Current employees may recommend intelligent persons to the company, but should not receive any benefit or recommendation fee from them who are recommended. If it is found that there is such thing happened, both parties, whatever they are under probation period or not, will be fired immediately without any economic compensation. If it is reported by the employee who is recommended, the reporting employee may stay in the factory, only the employee who recommended and received benefit will be fired without any economic compensation.


3-3  Probation period 试用期

3.3.1        Employees must pass the company’s examination before they are hired, and then sign Newly Hiring Confirmation.


3.3.2        The Labour Contract will be signed before the employee starts work..


3.3.3        The probation period will be according to the term of Labour Contract:


·         Term from three months to one year:  probation period is one month.

    《劳动合同》期限由三个月至壹年员工, 其试用期为壹个月.

·         Term from one year to two years:  probation period is two months.

    《劳动合同》期限由壹年至两年员工, 其试用期为两个月.

·         Term from two years to three years:  probation period is three months.

     《劳动合同》期限由两年至叁年员工, 其试用期为叁个月.

·         Term over three year:  probation period is six months.

     《劳动合同》期限超过叁年员工, 其试用期为陆个月.


3-4  Formal hiring正式聘用     

3-4.1        HR & Adm Department will release a Evaluation for Qualified Employees During Probation Period 15 Days before the probation period is expired to the employee’s direct supervisor.


3-4.2        The qualified employees will be hired as official employees and a confirmation letter will be issued to the employee.


3-4.3        Both parties should decide wether to renew the contract at lease one month before this contract expires.



3-5  Temporary Residence Permit暂住证

The company will apply for the Temporary Residence Permit for those employees who successfully passed the probation period and whose residence is not in this city.


3-6  Personnel records 个人档案

3-6.1        Personnel records record all the information related to the employees.


3-6.2        The employees should provide correct personal information. Changes must be reported to HR & Admin Department within five working days.


3-6.3        The employee who provides false information will be punished.


3-6.4         Personnel records are confidential information and kept by the HR & Admin Department. No one can ask for or disclose the information without Administration Manager, General Manager or Director’s approval..


3-7  Working time工作时间

3-7.1        The employees must comply with the company’s working time, punch card in and out, have dinner and rest on time.


3-7.2        During working time, no private visitor is allowed (except emergency), no private calling with office telephone is allowed, no private thing made on duty is allowed, otherwise the employees who violate will be punished.


3-7.3        It is prohibited to stay at working place without reason, including office, when duty off.


3-8  Attendance records考勤

3-8.1        The company records attendance according to employees’ by punching IC card, the employees should punch in and out according to the company’s regulations.


3-8.2        The employees should go to the HR & Admin Department if they find their attendance record are missing, and the HR & Admin Department will make relative arrangements according to different cases.


3-8.3        The employees who punch without work or punch for others or ask others to punch for them will get punishment even may be dismissed instantly.


3-8.4        The employees who do not punch cards because of objective reasons should contact the HR & Admin Department within 2 hours for settlement.


3-8.5        For the employees who do not punch cards with reasonable reasons, the HR & Admin Department will has his/her attendance records signed by his/her managers. However, this should over two times a month.


3-8.6        Punching continuously is forbidden, 30 minutes interval or above is needed between 2 punches.


3-8.7        Employees who leaving the company during working hours must get approved Leaving Permit and give it to the gate guard. Otherwise, it will be treated as leaving without permission and will be recorded in personnel file.


3-9     OT Working 加班

3-9.1        The company may request employees to work OT, and the employees should cooperate with it. OT application should be approved beforehand in written form.


3-9.2        Punching OT without formal approval will not be counted.


3-9.3        Employee who punch card over normal working hours without approved OT application will be punished and may be dismissed instantly.



3-10      Leaves procedure请假

3-10.1    Any leave should be approved beforehand. The supervisor or manager who approved a leave application should arrange another subordinate, other than the applicant, to send the approved leave application to HR & Admin department .  Please see section 6 for details


3-10.2    When the employees are back to duty they should report to the HR & Admin Department for back record。


3-10.3    Any employee who wants to extend leave application must be approved by his direct supervisor and report to HR department beforehand.


3-10.4    Any employee who wants to shorten or cancel leave application must inform HR department within two working days.


3-11      Late coming and early departure 迟到和早退

The HR & Admin Department records late coming and early departure everyday, employees who act late coming or/and early departure may be punished.



3-11.1    Employee with late coming not exceeds 3 minutes must need his/her attendance records signed by his/her department head.


3-11.2    Employee with late coming or early departure 4 to 15 minutes shall be given a written warning. 迟到或早退4-14分钟,记书面警告一次。

3-11.3    Employee with late coming or early departure over 15 minutes or above; or accumulated monthly late coming or early departure over 20 minutes will be given both a written warning and qualified for receiving partial full-attendance reward.


3-11.4    Late coming or early departure over 2 hours but less than 4 hours will be treated as absent without reason for half day.


3-11.5    Late coming or early departure over 4 hours will be treated as absent without reason for one day.


3-12        Absence 缺勤处理

3-12.1    Not coming to work without leave application or with unapproved leave application will be treated as absence without reason. It will be treated as employees’ resigning by themselves if they are absent without reason for continuous 3 days or cumulated 3 days in a month..


3-12.2    The employees will loss full attendance allowance if they are entitled to full attendance allowance and have any action of leave, late coming, early departure, or absence without reason. And late coming, early departure or absence will be punished according to discipline policy.


3-12.3    The employees who are not entitled to deserve full attendance allowance will be punished if they have any action of late coming, early departure, or absence without reason according to discipline policy.


3-13      Payroll Enquiry薪资问题

Employee who has the enquiry of his salary, he should ask Account Department within 10 working days after he received his salary.  If the calculation mistakes has found after checking, the difference will be transfer to the employee’s bank account with next salary payment.



3-14      Working place 工作地点

3-14.1    Employees should work at the places specified and should not go around without supervisors’ or manager’s permission or when it is not emergency.


3-14.2    Normally non-office employees may go to office only when it is needed for working and the administration receptionist notice them to do so.


3-14.3    The employees can only have dinner/rest at the places specified for dinner/rest, and should obey the relative regulations.


3-14.4    Having meal in workshops or warehouses is forbidden.



3-15      Factory badge厂证

3-15.1    Factory badge is the identity of each employee who works in the company. It is issued by the HR & Admin Department when an employee joins the company. The HR & Admin Department will take back the badge when the employee is leaving from the company for resignation or termination.


3-15.2    The employees should wear factory badges in the factory zone and should show to the guards for inspection when go out or get in the factory. Violation will cause punishment according to discipline policy.


3-15.3    Factory badge is only valid as a working permit in the company, and without other uses. The company reserves the right to sue the employees who improper use the factory badges for other purposes and cause problems.


3-15.4    The HR & Admin Department will reissue factory badges without charge to the employees who have had the factory badge for more than 6 months. For an employee who broken or lost his/her factory badge within holding for 6 months, the HR & Admin Department will reissue the badge to him/her but charge RMB20.00 for the cost of process and materials.


4. Transfer of post, dissolution of labor contract, resignation 工作调整、合同解除、离厂手续

4-1   Transfer of post 工作调整

The company has the right to temporarily (not exceed 3 months) transfer employees’ posts when necessary. The temporarily transfer will consider to their capabilities, performance, health and/or experiences and without lower their benefits.


4-2   Termination of Labor Contract合同解除

4-2.1        The employees who have gone through the probations should deliver written resignation application one month in advance to the HR & Admin Department.


4-2.2        If the employee leave the company before the Labour contract has expired.  The company reserved the right to claim the cost back from the employee who has taken a training by the third part and paid by the company.

 曾在本公司接受过技术性培训的员工,如在合同期内提出书面辞职,须退还培训时  公司所支付的相应部分费用。

4-2.3        If the employee who have suffered with infection sickness are delivering resignation applications, they should provide relative proofs such as sick leave proofs provided by hospital or anamnesis records to the company, the company will make evaluation of their sicknesses and decide whether they are able to leave immediately.


4-2.4        During the period of resigning with advance notices, the employees should work diligently, and should not create any obstacles to operation. If the procedures of transitions are not clear and smooth, compensation decided according to damage made to the company.  The company has the right to claim the costs back from the employee.


4-3 Leaving procedures离厂手续

4-3.1        The employees who are leaving shall go to the HR & Admin Department to get the Clearance List for Separation, the HR & Admin Department confirms the conditions for separation and releases the Clearance List for Separation.

离职者先到行政人事部领取《员工离职手续清单》, 行政人事部确认已具备离职条件后将发放《员工离职手续清单》;

4-3.2        After the employee hands over all the properties, tools and stationery, the supervisor of the employee shall sign on the Clearance List for separation to confirm that they received the properties and tools.


4-3.3        The HR & Admin Department checks the Clearance List for Separation, then checks and calculates the attendance records and fine records, advise accounting department to calculate their salaries.


4-3.4        Under the supervising of guards, the employee moves personal belongings to guard room (personal belongings can only be taken away in 30 minutes after finishing work), guard on duty and guard leader will sign on the Clearance List for Separation. The employee goes to the HR & Admin Department to deal with his salary and clear the resignation, then leave the factory and are not allowed to enter the factory any more without permission .


5.      Factory building and dormitory administration厂房、宿舍管理规定


In order to keep factory building and dormitories clean and in order, provide a safe and comfortable environment to the employees, we hereby work out the regulations. Violations will be punished according to disciplines.


5-1     The employees should comply with rooms and beds strictly arranged by the HR & Admin Department and obey the transfer made by the HR & Admin Department. No one is allowed to change them or occupy them without the permission of the HR & Admin Department. Written applications for changing rooms or beds, for special reasons, can be sent to the HR & Admin Department with reasons, the HR & Admin Department will consider the reasons and make relative arrangement.


5-2     Any employee, when going out with luggage from the factory, must present Articles Exit Permit got from the HR & Admin Department and accept guards’ inspection, otherwise no luggage can be taken out and the employee who takes the luggage will be treated as thefts.


5-3            Not allowed to be drunk in the factory and dormitories, to create loud noise, to affect other  peoples’ rest.


5-4          Protect and take good care of the company’s properties, not allowed to change or destroy them, not allowed to move the equipments in dormitories. Any damage on them should be compensated as the costs. If no troublemakers can be found then all the employees in the same room should pay the compensation.


5-5          Keep the corridors and the rooms clean. No littering. No pouring water from upstairs to downstairs. No spitting anywhere. Rubbish should be littered into rubbish bin.


5-6          Without approval, no outsiders are allowed to stay at the dormitories. Visitors should be registered, and they can only visit after work hours, and should leave the dorm before 9:00pm.未经许可,外来人员一律不得进入本厂宿舍。来访者必须履行登记手续,且必须在下班时间探访,晚上来访者必须在21:00前离厂。

5-7          The employees are not allowed to take food to the dormitories and eat in the dormitories, no fire for cooking in rooms.


5-8          No gambling, fighting, and steeling within the plant area and dormitory area. Any of them will cause immediate dismissal without any compensation; for the serious situation police will be sent to.


5-9          Save water and electricity. The last one who leaves dormitory should switch off electricity and fan before leaving. It is forbidden to connect sockets without permission. No fire in rooms. For serious situation police will be sent to.


5-10      The employees should go back to the factory before 00:00 at night. The gate will be closed at 00:00 if no special situation.


5-11      The HR & Admin Department has the right to inspect dormitories at any time. The employees who are found in opposite sex employees’ room after 22:00 may be fired immediately. Violating the room and bed arranged will cause punishment.


5-12      All lights must be switched off at 00:00 (except special situation). And no loud voices, no radio tapes working.


5-13      The employees are not allowed to change dormitories’ locks without permission.


5-14      Any employee is not allowed to move belongs of other employees without the owners’ permission; otherwise, the employee will be treated as theft.


5-15      Anyone taking any object from the plant shall have to present theGatePasssigned by authorized person and accept the inspection of the guards. 所有物品出厂必须向保安员出示授权人签署的《物品放行单》及接受保安员检查。

5-16    Responsible managers and guards have authority to inspect employee’s luggage or hand carries when entering or exiting the industrial zone. 



6-1   Legal holidays法定假日

Employees have legal holidays published by the country. The company deserves the right to make any change.


6-2   Private leave请假申请

Private leave applications should be confirmed by direct superiors and then delivered to HR & Admin Department for approval. Private leave is counted on an hour basis. To ask for leave for less two days, the employees should make applications one day in advance; for two days to 6 days, 4 days in advance applications are required; for over 7 days, one month advance application are required.   All the application must have approval from HR Manager with signature before submit to the General Manager for final approval.

请假申请单必须经直属上级批准方可上交人事部审批。最小计算单位一小时。请假两天以下,须提前一天申请;请假两天至六天,须提前四天申请,请假超过六天,须提前一个月申请。 所有请假申请必须先得人事经理批准及签名, 并交总经理审批.

6-3   Sick leave病假

Sick leaves should be applied base on the relative regulations of the country and local government. Sick leaves must be certified by any town-level or above hospital.


6-4   Paid annual leave有薪年假

The employees who have been working for over one year are entitled to paid annual leaves; details will be referred to regulations of local government. The company deserves the right to schedule the annual leaves for all.


6-5  Other kinds of holiday/leave may be applied base on national and local regulations.


7.      Discipline纪律处分

7-1  Introduction


7-1.1        Disciplinary actions can range from an oral warning, a written warning, suspension, and dismissal.  The company reserved all the rights to claim back the loss cause by the employee’s misconduct.


7-1.2        Disciplinary procedure includes reporting facts, investigating, suggesting disciplinary actions, approving, informing, and filing.


7-1.3        Dismissing workers must be approved by both HR manager and responsible manager.


7-1.4        Dismissing normal staff must be approved by General Manager.


7-1.5        Dismissing supervisor level and above staff after probation must also get verbal prior approval of the Director who is responsible HR issue.


7-1.6        An employee wishing to appeal against disciplinary action should submit notice of appeal to the HR manager in writing form within seven calendar days of receipt of the written confirmation of disciplinary action, stating the grounds of appeal.


7-2    Formal Oral Warning 正式口头警告:

 Any employee who has any of below actions will be given a formal oral warning. The HR & Admin Department will have it recorded.


7-2.1        Not to reporting things found


7-2.2        Changing bed without permission,


7-2.3        Speaking vulgar and filthy words in the company,


7-2.4        Spitting and throwing rubbish everywhere


7-2.5        Late coming or early departure;


7-2.6        Without wearing the factory badge, or wearing the factory badge but in an improper way,


7-2.7        Violating the company’s safety rules or departments’ regulations not seriously ;


7-2.8        Receiving friends or relatives during working time for private issue without permission;


7-2.9        Wearing the plant clothes of other companies within the plant,


7-2.10    Wearing slippers within the plant except the dormitory.


7-2.11    Wasting water, electricity and other resources.


7-2.12    Eating in non-living region, or bringing food into workshops and warehouse.


7-2.13    Not cooperating when the company is inspecting dormitorie;


7-2.14    Taking food to company dormitory;


7-2.15    Entering office without valid permission


7-2.16    Punching card continuously;


7-2.17    Late co Coming back to plant or dormitory at midnight;


7-2.18    Jumping queue when punching card or having meal;


7-2.19    Unsafe behavior in workplace;


7-2.20    Conduct of an employee has fallen below an acceptable standard;


7-2.21    Influencing others by bad habits;


7-2.22    Going into canteen or workshops through windows;


7-2.23    Making fire in dormitory, connect sockets, wires and forbidden electric appliance (microwave oven, electric cooker, immersion heater);


7-2.24    Not sleeping in the assigned room and bed;


7-2.25    Making noises or listening to radio outside the dormitory after 00:00;


7-2.26    Making private long distance call using company’s telephone without permission by managers or above level;


7-2.27    Not accepting guards’ inspection when going in or out of the plant;


7-2.28    Letting un-employee live in the dormitory;


7-2.29    Wearing or presenting false factor badge;


7-2.30    Taking elevator without carrying materials which is over 20 KM


7-3  Written warning书面警告

Any employee who has any of below actions for the first time will get a written warning; for the second time of the same offence, after consideration by the HR & Admin Department with the approval of General Manager or above level, may be terminated immediately:   The employee who get the third warning letter, will be terminated immediately.

有下列违纪行为,第一次给予书面警告,;再犯同样的违纪行为者,由人事部审定后,经总经理或以上高层批准可立即开除,且无任何经济补偿; 任何员收到第三封书面警告将遭立即开除,且无任何经济补偿

7-3.1        Not good work attitude, not good efficiency, such as reading newspaper or making noises during working time;


7-3.2        Handling private things during working time without permission of mangers or above level;


7-3.3        Low working efficiency with intention;


7-3.4        Leaving working position without permission, frequently late coming or early departure;擅离工作岗位,经常迟到或早退;

7-3.5        Being absent without acceptable reason for one day;


7-3.6        Violating or disobeying reasonable work instruction from supervisors or above level;


7-3.7        Sleeping on duty;


7-3.8        Smoking at non-smoking area, e.g., toilet, office, workshops, warehouse;


7-3.9        Gambling or watching gamble in the company;


7-3.10    Demagogism in the company;


7-3.11    Copying keys, adding or changing locks without permission by managers or above;


7-3.12    Spreading slanderous rumors to hurt other employees or the company business;


7-3.13    Drinking alcohol or drinks containing alcohol on duty, except being required by work requirement;


7-3.14    Posting or changing documents on the bulletin board without permission by the HR & Admin Department;


7-3.15    Entering power supply room, generator room, kitchen, without valid permission;


7-3.16    Violating the company’s safety rules with certain result;


7-3.17    Violating safety rules and so leading a big work related injury;


7-3.18    Doing something unprintable or obscene in the factory;


7-3.19    Refuse to leave factory under the requirement of the managers;


7-3.20    Entering opposite-sex dormitories after 22:00 without invitation, or sleeping with opposite-sex in public dormitories;


7-3.21    Punching OT without approved OT application in written form, punching OT over the approved OT limit;


7-3.22    There is no improvement in conduct about which the employee has previously been orally warned or fined;


7-3.23    Seriously damaging company property undesignedly;


7-3.24    Causing big loss to the company by breach of duty;


7-4   Dismissal 辞退

Any employee who has any of below actions, may be, and probably will be sent to police if illegal issue is involved。


7-4.1        Absent without reasons for continuous three days; (remark: in this case, it’s been treated as leaving without informing anyone and without any procedure)


7-4.2        Punching attendance card when is not on duty, or punching card for others or have somebody else punch the card.


7-4.3        Serious negligence resulting in unacceptable loss, damage or injury;


7-4.4         Intentional serious breach of company policy or regulations;


7-4.5         Bringing company into serious disrepute;


7-4.6        Bad working and service attitude which has harmed customers;


7-4.7         Serious breach of company policy on Harassment;


7-4.8         Fraud or deliberate falsification of records or company documents;


7-4.9         Deliberate refusal to comply with reasonable instructions or requests made by a manager within the work place;


7-4.10     A breach of health and safety rules which places an employee or others in danger;


7-4.11     Intentional misuse of confidential information;


7-4.12     Fraudulent misuse of the company's property or name;


7-4.13     Falsifying in production reports;


7-4.14     Falsification in piece rate;


7-4.15     Provide inveracious ID cards;


7-4.16     Inveracious certificates for being employed;


7-4.17    Receive any benefit or recommendation fee from them who are recommended, or give recommendation fee to the employee who recommender..


7-4.18    Taking drugs or other kaif on duty;


7-4.19    Accepting bribes or practicing bribery;


7-4.20    Disclosing confidential documents or measures of the company;


7-4.21    Providing spurious documents, reports and information;


7-4.22    Invading and occupying company’s property, jobbery


7-4.23    Intentionally making loss or damaging properties of the company or other employees;


7-4.24    Doing part-time job without permission by company director;


7-4.25    Mobbing and so harming the production or living order;


7-4.26    Pasting and emanating instigating letter which is enough to destroy the relation between and the company;


7-4.27     Illegal strike or cacanny, or instigating others for strike or cacanny


7-4.28    Beating others or fighting with others;


7-4.29    Stealing properties of the company, customers or colleagues;


7-4.30    Threatening or making harm to others;


7-4.31    Committing crimes;


7-4.32    Forging documents and vouchers for cheating to gain money or other benefits;


7-4.33    Taking or keeping contraband, such as guns, weapons, explosive or flammable things.


7-4.34    Distributing illegal materials, racketeering, disposal of stolen or contraband goods, hiding up thief;


7-4.35    Making other seriously biggish faults after getting warning letters from the HR & Admin Department;


7-4.36     Other serious bad conduct.


7-5  Suspension 停职

The department manager is authorized to suspend an employee’s duty when it seems necessary. The suspension period in principle should be less than 3 days. This period is unpaid leave unless investigation proves he/she is innocent. For innocent employee being suspended, the salary during this period is the same as a legal holiday.   

必要时部门经理可以对员工进行停职处理.停职期原则上不超过3天.如果不能证明该员工的清白, 则此期间将做无薪请假处理.对于被停职的无辜员工, 停职期间的工资按有薪假期标准计发.

7-6   Instruction to leave workshop 勒令离开

7-6.1        Employee agrees absolutely to immediately leave any production or office area when directed to do so by any manager or responsible supervisor on duty.

员工同意在当值经理或主管要求下, 必须即时离开工场及办公室.

7-6.2        All manager or highest level supervisor on duty in any area have authority to remove employee if , at their sole direction, they believe an employee is in the following conditions;

所有当值经理或主管当发现员工有以下行为时, 有权要求该员工即时离开工场及办公室:

7-6.2.1  Committed a serious violation of law or company regulations, or


7-6.2.2  Hinders the work efficiency of other employees or


7-6.2.3  Constitutes a risk or danger to company assets or other employees.


7-6.2.4  The company has the right to use all appropriate means to legally remove an employee who refuses to leave voluntarily, and may punish that employee plus require compensation for any costs and the value of estimated lost production in any way related to the employees refusal to leave when instructed to do so.

公司有权在员工拒绝离开时採取合法方式令其离开工场及办公室.  公司对有关员工拒绝离开所导致的一 切损失, 保留向该员工採取处罚及追討赔偿的一切权利.

7-6.3        If after investigation, an employee who is removed legally from the workshop is found not to be at fault, the company will insure that the employee will not lose any wages due to the legal removal.

在合法方式下离开工场及办公室的员工, 在调查后如属清白者, 公司將会如常对在合法方式下离开工场及办公室的期间计算及发放应得工资.

8. Safety rules安全守则

During working time, in any accident or injured case, the employees should arrange peoples to send the injured persons to hospital, and inform supervisors, administration supervisors, Admin Manager, General Manager, and security department immediately to handle and make investigations. For safety reasons, the employees should always be alert. If finding any unsafe equipment or activity that may cause accidents, the employee should report to supervisors immediately for making prevention or correction.

在工作时间内,如有任何意外或受伤事件,应立即组织人员送往医疗机构,并立即通知所属部门主管、行政人事部主管、行政人事经理、总经理及保安部到场调查处理。 为安全起见,各员工应提高警觉性,如发现有不安全的设备或措施足以引至意外时,应立即报告部门主管,以便及早预防。

8-1  When there is a fire happened, the employees should:当发生火警时,员工必须:

8-1.1        Keep calm;


8-1.2        Launch the nearest fire alarm, and call for colleagues’ help;


8-1.3        Call fire hotline, inform the right place where fire happened, and inform administration supervisors and relative people;


8-1.4        Under safe condition, put out the fire with fire extinguisher;


8-1.5        Assist people to escape quickly to the safe places if the fire is spreading;


8-1.6        Switch off electricity power;


8-1.7        Keep in mind the fire signals, the emergency exits, the locations where fire extinguishers are stored and how to use them when getting fire rehearsal; keep the emergency exits unblocked.


8-2   Accident意外事故

Under emergency situations, such as when there is typhoon or floods, the employees should obey the instructions from supervisors and security department. If needed, the employees will be asked for extra OT work or the employee’s vacations will be canceled in these special situations. Employees should cooperate to ensure the company’s smooth operation.


8-3  All articles, including employee’s luggage, to be taken out of the factory compound should have approved ‘Article Exit Permit’ and should be checked by the guards. Otherwise it may be treated as stealing.



9. Corporate confidential information公司秘密

The employees are committed not to disclose patent and secret of the company including the company’s commercial, industrial, technical or financial matters whenever they are still working for the company or have resigned. All documents and information of the company’s products, processes, customers, employees, suppliers and management status are treated as patent information, and the employees promise not to disclose any such information without the permission by the company director.   


 10. Protection of intellectual property知识产权

Any intellectual property developed by the employees during the period of employment, such as invention, design and new production method, belong to the company.


  11. Salary Management  工资管理

11-1 Salary is company’s confidential information, no one is allowed to pry into or disclose it without permission by the company director or general manager. The employees who violate this rule may get discipline punishment and even be fired without compensation.


11-2 Salary is paid once a month by directly being saved into employees’ personal bank account. The employees may go to financial department directly for any mistake or questions related to salary calculations within 10 Days. The mistake, if there is, shall be corrected by the company. If no any doubt is claimed, the salary paid shall be treated as the whole salary of the month and shall not be reissued or adjusted.


11-3 The Company will review employees’ salary according to the company’s financial situation, market level, employees’ performance and labor laws. Every July there will be an overall annual salary review.


11-4 Incentives and bonus are solely decided by the Company considering the business and financial situation, employee’s performance and other factors.


 12. Bulletin board通告栏

The company shall use bulletin board to propagandize, explain, and introduce the company’s polices, regulations, rules, operation procedures, production plans, and government laws, policies and announcements. The employees may go to their supervisors or to the HR & Admin Department directly for any inquiry.公司领导主要通过“通告栏”向员工宣传、解释和说明公司的有关政策、制度、规定、运作程序、生产计划以及政府的法规、政令和通知等。员工若有任何疑问,可直接向部门主管经理咨询, 或直接向人事部垂询.

 13. Opinion Box意见箱

The company has equipped two opinion boxes for directors and general manager. All the opinions given by employees will be treated on high regards and the employees will get feedback in time. Only the opinions with names provided can be replied.


The explanation of the contents of this employee handbook rests with the sole discretion of the company. The content of this Handbook may be reviewed and changed according to changes of labor laws and regulations, the Company’s business development and policies changes. The items in this Handbook may be part of Employment Contract. Any addition or announcement related to the employee handbook is referred to the latest bulletin and the employees should comply with them.